These two "bathing beauties" are part of my ongoing bath series, they are the newest and could even be considered something of a "pair". These are painted on Masonite panels; they are small, about (9" x 12") and, as hard panels instead of the watercolor paper that I usually use, they present a bit of a challenge for framing the originals. However, the prints are on paper as usual and look whimsically wonderful as such. As my other half, J. works very hard to match colors, scanning the original, pulling it through Photoshop, and color-correcting several times. It's a long process, but definitely worth it. I couldn't ask for a more dedicated printer...

"Two in the Bath", two inquisitive felines are fascinated by that wonderfully awful stuff known as water, or wa-wa as it is known to cats in this house. They can't seem to live with it or without it!

"The Voyeurs" shows a trio checking on "mom" in a tub of the "stuff". What does she do with all that liquid? they might be asking as they marvel at her inexplicable act of immersion. Even the small brown 'flier' on the window sill seems to be one of "The Voyeurs" to this event.

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