The Ladies - 2000

Here are the gals, all lined up for their photograph. Anyone you know? Or are they waiting for the loving hands of a child or the child in you to make them real? Let nostalgia, a drop of sentiment, a whiff of memory lead you into this as either print or painting. Personally I love old dolls. Having made a number in my lifetime, I still own a few from my childhood doll collection. Though none here is quite what I had as a child, some of them are bound to reflect my memories of cherished loved ones. I hope they will resonate with you as well.
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Miniature in 6" x 8" black matte
$ 15.00

15-1/4" x 11-1/2" print in 20" x 16" black matte
$ 50.00

15-1/4" x 11-1/2" print on archival stock
$ 30.00

Note Card w envelope
$ 3.00