Molly and the Magnolia - 2011

This is Molly and her imaginary encounter with a magnolia that insists on growing its way into the kitchen. Check out the image in the chair nob that she could also be looking at. Molly is based on our very own Molly, a bit of a scaredy cat. She is fine with me, but terribly shy around anyone else, even J. and the other two cats. She was born in our garage, the only survivor of a mother with a hard life. We fed her with the other cats when we were still doing outdoor feeding, but when she presented us with four little ones, she became an indoor cat. Now she likes to sit on the second-floor porch and listen to the whispering spring winds. Itís as close as she gets to the great outdoors these days.
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Miniature in 6" x 8" black matte
$ 15.00

10" x 14" print in 16" x 20" black matte
$ 50.00

10" x 14" print on archival stock
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Note Card w envelope
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