Playsong - 2003

The games and songs we played as chidren were passed down fthrough a mighty long line of parents to children. Banjo, guitar and dulcimer, cradle songs, jump-rope games, scary bedtime stories and Shaped note songs from the south, were all part of our Appalachian and small town heritage. Becky Ogden, music teacher and performer for over thirty years, has collected these plays, games, songs and stories into a performance for grade school children, complete with professional music CD. See the link below to her site:
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Miniature in 6" x 8" black matte
$ 15.00

14" x 10" print in 20" x 16" black matte
$ 50.00

14" x 10" print on archival stock
$ 30.00

Note Card w envelope
$ 3.00