The Tea Tree - 2010

As a devoted advocate of Tea I could not let this subject lie dormant for long. Here is the latest friendly painting - The Tea Tree - to jostle your funny bone and tweak your culinary interests. I personally begin the day with a fruity tea and continue throughout the day with various flavors from Celestial Seasonings; the Zinger line plus Black Cherry, Mandarin Orange, even Honey Vanilla Chamomile for a late night soother. And, of course, a slice of chocolate - in some form- any form - to speed that rush of endorphins to the brain. Any nods of agreement out there?
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Miniature in 6" x 8" black matte
$ 15.00

12" x 9" print in 18" x 14" black matte
$ 50.00

12" x 9" print on archival stock
$ 30.00

Note Card w envelope
$ 3.00